What's in store for me in 2016?

December 27, 2015

First things first. 

Thank you:)

2015 was another amazing year filled with love and support. 

I spent the entire year writing The Devil's Gate Trilogy and it was no easy task. I spent a solid four months on each novel making sure that the story was exactly as I wanted it to be. The journey for Abigail Watson was a treacherous one, but oh so worth it in the end. Those of you who read the entire series know what I mean...and those of you who are just now jumping on board will soon find out. 


If you have yet to experience my worlds I would suggest that you start with this one. It is, by far, my best work and speaking of that.

I pulled the majority of my previous work and the reasoning was simple.

I wasn't happy with the editing at all. 

It wasn't until this year that I fully matured into my craft. It's a personal journey for each author. Some start out steeped in the logistics of publishing and some hit the ground running with little regard to polishing their projects. I have to admit to that I fell into the latter of those two categories and for that, I do apologize. My passion for sharing my art superseded my ability to understand that I needed to slow down and produce the very best that I had to offer. 

The only pressure I ever felt was created by me and me alone. I set my own deadlines and enjoyed the rush of pushing books out as quickly as I could. The only thing that I can say is thank you to those who overlooked my grammar mistakes and stuck with me. 

So...because of this, I pulled the Hellhound series, The Golden Crown series, Maddie Maze, Vampire Fetish and the Razor Saga. They can all be so much better and they will be. My plan is to re-release each one with new covers, added scenes, polished edits and some will have alternative endings. 

This will make the re-read enjoyable for those of you who read them before. Trust me, there will be plenty of surprises in store with each one. 


As far as NEW projects go I do have a few on the back burner. 

Paper Dolls is one stand-alone novel that will be coming out in 2016. It is my take on an apocalyptic world run by women and under siege by an alien invasion. It is heavily influenced by steampunk elements and the entire world runs on steam. This was a short project that I started writing in 2014 and that prelude to a much bigger world struck a cord in me. So, it will be expanded into a full-length novel. The short is available now on amazon so that you can get acquainted with Hope and the world she was born into. 



A witch's tale  (book two)

This novel is long overdue. To be quite honest this was a hard series for me to continue. It's dedicated to my mother, whom I lost in 2012 to breast cancer. I am still healing from that devastating loss in my life and this was her favorite book of mine. It has taken three years for me to get in a better mental state to return to this world and expand on it, but I have the second novel half way done now. I've worked on it here and there as time permitted. If you have yet to experience this paranormal YA please do so on amazon. The second novel will be out in 2016. 


The Hollows

This is a novel that I started early in 2015 and then The Devil's Gate Trilogy took a hold of me. I can't apologize, but I am excited to complete this project. The Hollows is based on a girl named Vee Hollow (who unexpectedly showed up in The Devil's Gate Trilogy as a Tarot Reader) I guess that she just wanted to remind me that she was patiently waiting for me to complete her story. 

Anyway, Vee is the daughter of death and her story begins when she follows her dad to work and ends up meddling in his business when he tries to collect the soul of a boy that she finds intriguing. It is a coming of age paranormal story that will tie in with The Devil's Gate Trilogy. 


For now, that is all that I have planned for 2016 (besides a secret project that I can't really expand on, yet. wink) Keep an eye on my fan page for updates to this. 


In the end, I want to thank those who stuck with me, believed in me...sent me private messages, emails, and massive love. Offered true friendship expecting so little in return. Bought my books, left reviews, told me I could do this, even when I wasn't sure if I could. It is because of you that I continued to write and grow in my craft. I am forever grateful. x


If you would like to become a BETA READER for me then please send me an email at ruevolley@gmail.com 

I have a private group on Facebook with over 70 members now who have access to my books PRIOR to publication. To join, you must agree to read my books and prep reviews for release. Minimal help is needed but greatly appreciated with promotion. Private giveaways are hosted for those who are part of the group. Participation is required to remain in the group. 






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