The Devil's Gate is coming

February 18, 2015

So. It never ceases to amaze me how you can be headed in one direction and then suddenly, the boat turns and you are heading in the opposite direction. 

That is EXACTLY what happened with The Devil's Gate. 


I was happily planning out the WIP I was working on and then BOOM.



Well, let me tell you. The Devil's Gate has seduced me. I haven't been this excited about a book series since I wrote my first love, Blood & Light--and that's saying A LOT. In fact, I will be honest. This book series is my new addcition, hands down. 


Anyway, let me give you a little background on TDG. 


My story comes from the lips of Abigail Watson. She is in her twenties, just graduated college, and is at that pivitol moment in her life where she has to make some choices.

The kind of choices that set you on the path to your future.


Well...F THAT.

Enter, Jack Landon. %##^%#^%#^%@

Yeah, it IS like that.


Jack is a bad boy. Handsome, wealthy, mysterious and bad (did I mention bad? yeah, he is), as in a temptation, a very dark one for Abigail.

Jack has dark desires, his sexual fetishes are something Abigail can't even begin to imagine, but surprisingly she is drawn to him, like a moth to a flame. 


Jack seduces her, not only with his looks, but more imporatntly, The Game. 


This story is about the real world of BDSM, the psychological games that occur and the inability to deny the pain that mixes with pleasure. 


I am currently writing book one, in fact, I just wrapped up chapter 13 this morning. In fact, I have the cover art picked out, and it will be a trilogy.


The Devil's Gate

The Devil's Fire

The Devil's Kiss


Each book will be around 250 pages in length, so this will be a larger series than what I normally do in erotic romance. 


So, I do hope that you will join me on Abigale and Jack's journey. 

I promise that it will one that you will never forget. 

Check back each Tuesday, right here for a teaser. 


Here is one for today. Taken straight from the book. enjoy x





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